Girl Wash Your Face: Rachel Hollis

Book Review 7/9/2019

After reading I wanted to get up wash my face and keep on chasing my dreams.  Then go tell all the people I know to do the same!  Girl Wash Your Face was a kick in your pants kind of book in a good way. She really makes you think about how you are living your life currently.  As Rachel gets real and vulnerable with her struggles, it shows that we are all human and all struggle in some sort of way. But her mission is clear, the mission to tell people encouragingly that it’s Never an option to give up! Never to give up on yourself or your dreams. Never let the lies become your reality.  Rachel gives helpful tips for woman throughout the chapters to help us reset our mind into positive and goal getting thinking!

Delta Airline Review


Do you ever get on a plane and have limited variety of complimentary snacks? If you're anything like me you love a good snack, even better when I have some variety! I hear the airplane cookies are always on the menu. Yes, they had cookies but that wasn’t the only option! Guests on the flight got to chose from a variety complimentary snacks which include, Cheez It‘s, almonds, Cookies, and my personal favorite Kind bar! Also many different kinds of Coke products! We could have as many as our heart desired! We were able to select from a number of movies on the 4 and a half hour plane ride. Which made the flight go by super quick! The flight crew did a great job going up and down the aisle and coming and going constantly, making sure they met all the passengers needs! Now, the price is a little hefty my flight rate was $550 round trip. However, the price is that way because of the destination and location. I flew from Michigan to Anaheim California. So, if you check out your flights they may or may not be that high.

Like I said, even though the price was high, The service was excellent!